Former NFL player with Albany ties says he can relate to Hamlin’s injury

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Former NFL player Chuck Dukes’ career came to an end when he was injured.

Dukes lives in Albany and now uses his skills to coach.

If anyone knows what it’s like to be injured, it’s Dukes.

He played the World Football League in 1995, when he got a torn ACL. While he says that is more common than what happened to Damar Hamlin, he says still can relate to that feeling he says he witnessed in the eyes of Hamlin’s teammates.

“We know this young man put in a lot of work, and we’re not talking hours we’re talking years’ worth of work to get to where he was,” said Dukes. “You could see that pain is just basically saying back to him, ‘Hey, listen, we see you. We understand you. We love you, and we understand what it takes and hopefully you can get back out there with us.’”

Dukes said his heart is with Hamlin and his family. He is praying that Hamlin has a speedy recovery.