Friends remember Kaylin Gillis

Twins Victoria and Dallas Salls are mourning the loss of their friend, Kaylin Gillis.

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“I don’t ever want to remember her for the way we lost her. I want to remember Kaylin for who she was,” said Victoria. “She was an amazing person.”

“I just know that the 20 years she was here, she had a beautiful life, and she deserved to live it way longer. Unfortunately, that was taken from her,” said Dallas.

The Salls graduated with Kaylin in Schuylerville, staying in touch even when Kaylin went to Greenwich for a while.

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“When they walk in the room, everyone is like, ‘It’s Kaylin!’ She just brought so much joy to my childhood, to our school, and when I hear Kaylin, I just remember her as the sweet person who I will never forget,” Dallas said.

They met in kindergarten, and played together as little girls.

“Me and Kaylin would have all of our neon clothes on. Kaylin loved color, loved color. She was always wearing color. Doesn’t matter if it was an orange shirt and yellow pants, she’d wear it, she didn’t care,” Victoria said with a laugh.

The sisters manage Schuylerville Pizza and Pasta, where they are taking donations for the Gillis family.

“She’ll never be forgotten, ever. No matter where anybody goes in life, she’s never going to be forgotten. I just wish them the absolute best and take this time to heal,” said Dallas.

Kaylin was, among many things, a talented artist.

“I’d always sit in art class and watch her draw,” friend Hope Allen said. “She drew amazing portraits, and I’d just stop doing my own work to watch her because of how amazing she was. She had such a great heart.”

Victoria just got a tattoo in memory of Kaylin — the butterfly they both planned to get.

The Salls are hosting a get-together for friends this weekend, and they plan to light candles and send up balloons and share their memories of Kaylin.

“And hopefully one of the balloons reaches her, and she can grab it and just know that there’s so much love, so much love for this girl,” said Victoria. “And I just hope she rests in peace.”