Gillis family seeks to freeze $5 million in assets of man convicted of killing daughter

The family of Kaylin Gillis is asking a judge to freeze at least $5 million in assets of the man convicted of killing her.

Gillis’ estate is suing Kevin Monahan for wrongful death. Monahan was convicted in January of second-degree murder in the fatal shooting of Gillis in his driveway on April 15, 2023. She was a passenger in an SUV that had gotten lost and turned up his driveway.

The Gillis family’s attorney, Don Boyajian, has filed paperwork in Saratoga Supreme Court on March 4 asking the court to attach the assets of Monahan, who was sentenced on March 1 to 26 1/3 years to life in prison. His attorneys have hired Matthew Hug to prepare an appeal.

“Based on this, Plaintiff fears that Kevin Monahan will continue to siphon off his remaining New York assets to pay off legal fees,” Boyajian wrote.

In addition to Monahan’s Patterson Hill Road home in Hebron, he also owns homes in Gansevoort and Queensbury and vacant parcels of forest land, according to documents filed by Boyajian. Monahan, who worked as a contractor, also owns eight vehicles. 

Boyajian wrote that he believes that the wrongful death lawsuit will be successful based upon Monahan’s own admissions at trial. Monahan testified that he fired at the vehicles in his driveway. He claimed that he tripped over nails on his deck and the gun went off and fired the second fatal shot.  

A hearing has been scheduled for March 21 at 9:30 a.m. in Saratoga Supreme Court.