Glenville fence contractor charged with larceny, also being investigated in other communities

Man accused of failing to buy fencing material

Man accused of failing to buy fencing material

A Glenville man allegedly took money to build a fence and didn’t deliver materials, and police believe he may have committed similar crimes in other communities. 

James S. Butler, 30, is accused of stealing more than $7,000 from a homeowner in West Glenville.

Butler, who owns and operates “Trust a Fence,” was supposed to use the money to purchase fencing material. However, he never did, police said.

Glenville Police learned that Butler is also being investigated by the Saratoga County Sheriff’s Department, Scotia Police Department, Colonie Police Department, Guilderland Police Department and the Niskayuna Police Department.

Butler was arraigned on a charge of third-degree grand larceny. He is scheduled to be in Glenville Town Court at a later date.

Anyone who believes they may also be a victim is asked to contact your local police department.