Gloversville neighbor offers shelter to fire victims

Gloversville neighbor offers shelter to fire victims

When a Gloversville man heard yelling in the middle of the night, he went outside and found smoke billowing from a neighbor's house. While fire crews worked to stop the flames from spreading, that neighbor offered shelter.

Smashed windows and burned siding are some of the signs of a fire on Maple Street in Gloversville early Tuesday morning.

There was thick, billowing smoke out of every window, witnesses said.

The call came in just after 12:30 a.m.

Fire crews found the main body of fire was in the basement.

Firefighters overhauled walls on the first floor above the fire to stop it from going up into the floors above.

“We were just sitting in there, and we started hearing screaming,” said neighbor Jason Abdalla. “We thought somebody was out here fighting. We look out and see a bunch of smoke, and then we come running outside, and they start come running outside, and we just told them all to come over here and get away from there. That’s what neighbors are supposed to do, you know.”

Jason Abdalla lives across the street. He says he offered his neighbors shelter without hesitation and ended up having a full house.

There were also pets, he said.

“Their bunny and their kitty. They got them out too, so the bunny is still here,” Abdalla said with a laugh.

The residents requested the help of the Red Cross, fire officials said.

When NewsChannel 13 caught up with Abdalla, he had been up most of the night.

He’s known to take people in when they need a place to go, to provide a safe haven, his friends told NewsChannel 13.

“I try to take care of everybody and give everybody at least one chance, give them a chance to get back on their feet and stuff,” he said.

There is damage to the first floor and the basement, said Fire Chief Thomas Groff, but the house is salvageable.