Good Samaritan helps Siena student save a shuttle bus driver’s life

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The identity of a good Samaritan is no longer a mystery. The woman helped saved the life of a shuttle bus driver after suffering a medical emergency.

We first introduced you to Prince Asante, the Siena College student who helped save the bus driver.

Now, we meet Renee Armao.

“I felt like I had a connection with Prince as we’re working together, and I just wanted to encourage him in any way I could. It would be great to see him again in maybe a less stressful situation,” Renee Armao said.

This all started by chance on May 6.

“We were right behind the bus. My son and I both noticed the bus was swerving into the ditch and then to the other side of the road,” Armao said.

Armao said she was picking up her son, who goes to Siena, and they were heading back to their home in Schenectady.

They were just down the road from the school when Armao said the Yankee Trails bus was veering from left to right.

The bus pulled over and so did Armao. She ran over to help.

That’s when veteran driver, Mike Koch, said the driver in training was suffering from a medical emergency.

“She was obviously unconscious. Her level of consciousness was very low at the time. When I talked to her, she would not respond. I assessed her pulse, there was none, and she was not breathing,” Armao said.

Armao knew exactly what to do because she is about to graduate from nursing school as an RN.

On the bus was Asante, who is graduating from Siena with a pre-med degree.

He previously told NewsChannel 13 that they all got the woman off the bus and Asante performed life-saving CPR on the woman.

He said he wanted to know who the good Samaritan was. Asante and Armao may soon have the chance to meet again.

Armao would also love to see the woman she helped save.

“I would love to meet her and her family,” she said. “It would be such a great way to end what was in the beginning a crisis and to think that she’s still alive and stable, to me, it’s such a blessing and I would love to meet her.”

NewsChannel 13 is in contact with Siena College and Yankee Trails to get the group who saved the bus driver’s life to meet up again.