Grand jury: Schenectady woman killed boyfriend in self-defense

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The Schenectady County District Attorney’s office is laying out what lead a 23-year-old woman to kill her boyfriend last summer.

A grand jury recently ruled all the charges against Gabriella Beckwith should be dropped. The grand jury ruling her actions were justified.

Even before Beckwith stabbed her 29-year-old boyfriend, Bayquan Campbell in July 2022 at a home in Schenectady, her attorney, Daniel Smalls said there had been several instances of volatile and violent behavior by Campbell.

“There were times that was reported to be a broken nose. She had a black and blue eye. She had multiple scratches. She’s been assaulted by him on multiple occasions.”

Smalls said it was the entirety of the circumstances behind the stabbing, and the witnesses that were able to corroborate what happened.

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Beckwith was facing several charges, including manslaughter.

On the day of the incident, the Schenectady County DA’s office said Campbell hit her on the head with a gun while she was holding the baby they share.

Beckwith then grabbed a knife from the kitchen, and stabbed Campbell in the leg, hitting a major artery and then he bleed to death.

“He broke her phone the day before so she had no way of calling 911,” Smalls said.

Beckwith told police at the time she needed to defend herself and her three children.

The decision to release Beckwith from custody came after an interview with her seven-year-old daughter.

The grand jury was able to watch the recording of the interview.

“That way they can hear exactly what was said and what was done, and also what the evidence showed that particular day as well as evidence as it relates to incidents that led to that particular day,” Smalls said.

The DA’s office said, “it’s clear from the facts that her [Beckwith] intent was not to kill him [Campbell], but to protect herself and ward him off.”

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Even with the jury’s ruling, Smalls there’s no winner in this situation.

“Here you have a circumstance where the deceased, was a friend to many. He was her boyfriend. However, there were strongholds that he would abuse her over time. So much to the point where it was significant and thank god, she documented it.”