Guilderland Police: Sex Offender at it Again

GUILDERLAND – What began as a consensual rendez vous for sex between two adventurous strangers in a Guilderland motel turned into a torturous tryst for an area woman, police say.

According to court document obtained by News Channel 13, 27-year old Wyatt Bleau, a convicted sex offender, hooked up with a woman online and convinced her to drive to his room early last Thursday morning.

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The woman told police Bleau “got aggressive verbally and physically.”

At some point, she says, he “used black gorilla duct tape too tie her up, placing the tape over her nose and mouth until she began gasping for air.”

The woman says Bleau told her she couldn’t leave his room because “no one else would want him since he had been in jail for rape.”

The woman also told police Bleau gave her pills that made her feel drowsy and that he choked her unconscious three times over the weekend.

Despite the face Bleau wore a cast on a broken leg and walked with crutches, when the pair walked to the Cumberland Farms store Saturday night, she never tried to get away.

After having sex together 30 times over a six day period, the woman did walk out of the room on Tuesday morning when she contacted police.

Wyatt Bleau is charged with multiple sex crimes including First Degree Rape.

He is due back in Guilderland Town Court Monday night at 7:00 p.m.

Police believe there may have been other victims. If you have information, you are urged to contact Guilderland Police.