New York lawmakers pass new gun laws in extraordinary session

ALBANY – New York lawmakers approved legislation restricting where people can carry a gun in New York state.

In this extraordinary session called by Gov. Hochul, lawmakers are creating a unique set of guidelines in direct response to last week’s Supreme Court decision that struck down portions of New York’s gun licensing laws.

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Unless a business owner has a sign posted explicitly saying concealed weapons are allowed inside, firearms will be prohibited.

In addition, when an individual applies for a handgun license, they will have to provide four character references, and turn over social media accounts so that their character, temperament, and judgement can be analyzed.

They also need to provide contact information for spouse or domestic partners.

While there are many gun rights people who will not be happy with the new laws, Hochul insists many of them are quite pleased.

Hear about the support Hochul says she’s seen by watching the video of Dan Levy’s story.