Gun store owner talks about how new ammunition system is working

It appears that U.S. Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas will bring the challenge to the new gun laws to the full court for conference next week.

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Background checks became required to buy ammunition and antique firearms in New York state two weeks ago, and there are new fees: $9 for gun backgrounds and $2.50 for each ammunition check.

At Fox Manor Firearms in Averill Park, a customer named Steve wanted to buy one box of 444 Marlin ammunition for his rifle. He submitted his information and was waiting to pay, but then an update came in.

“Steve, you’ve been delayed on your purchase,” said Fox Manor Firearms owner Lawrence Corbett, reading from the screen. “So you can’t take it home with you now. I can take your phone number and if they get back to me in 20 minutes or two hours or two days, I’ll give you a holler and let you know you’re clear through.”

Steve is not the only frustrated customer.

We asked if there are any concerns that customers might just go to a different state to shop.

“I think they already are, to tell you the truth,” said Corbett.

There have been more than 14,000 transactions, according to Gov. Kathy Hochul’s office. More than 6,100 firearms checks and close to 8,300 ammo transactions have been approved.

“The whole premise behind this is to protect New Yorkers and for us to understand who has what weapons and what ammunition, because we’ve seen too much in our state,” Hochul said Tuesday.

NewsChannel 13 asked Corbett how the new system has been working.

“Compared to the old system, the federal system, it’s working a little slower,” he said. “But things are moving along, they are going through. We’re seeing more delays than we did with the federal system. But some people do get through immediately.”