Guns entered into evidence in driveway shooting trial

Testimony in the Kevin Monahan murder trial ended for the day on Tuesday with the prosecution entering into evidence the shotgun that he is accused of using to kill a Schuylerville woman in his driveway last April.  

Monahan, 66, is charged with second-degree murder in the death of Kaylin Gillis, 20, of Schuylerville.  

Monahan fired a 20-gauge shotgun at a group of vehicles that had mistakenly driven up his driveway at 1263 Patterson Hill Road in Hebron, prosecutors said.

The shotgun was kept in a sealed box for now. Also entered into evidence was the .22-caliber revolver that Monahan’s attorney said he gave to his wife, Jinx Monahan, if she needed to defend herself.

Other items of evidence brought into the trial were the clothes that Monahan was wearing the night of April 15, 2023 – blue shorts, red shirt and black sandals. 

During his opening statement last week, defense attorney Arthur Frost has said that his client was wearing “flip-flops” when he was walking on his wraparound deck. After firing the first shot as a warning, Frost said Monahan stumbled, dropped the gun and it fired a second time without anyone touching the trigger. 

After the items were logged, still in their packages, Judge Adam Michelini excused the jury for the day. Court is in recess until Wednesday morning.  

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