Hochul announces $10M to revitalize downtown Gloversville

Gloversville is getting $10 million for 12 projects to help revitalize the city’s downtown.

Gov. Hochul made the announcement Monday at the historic Glove Theater in Gloversville. Nearly $2 million will go towards renovating and restoring it.

Other projects include building the Glove City Lofts, which will add affordable housing downtown.

In addition, $1.3 million will go to fixing up the Carriage House, a furniture store that shut down. It will be rehabbed to create a microbrewery, sports bar, restaurant and several units of housing on upper floors.

Other projects include revitalizing the Daniel Hayes Mill former industrial site and building improved sidewalks and increasing lighting for pedestrians downtown.

Hear what Gov. Hochul is saying about the project by watching the video.

Here’s the list of projects from Gov. Hochul’s Office:

The specific projects to be funded through the DRI include:

Renovating the Historic Glove Theatre – DRI Award $1,994,000

The Glove Theater’s 40,000 sq. ft. Complex will be renovated and restored through this project, which includes various interior improvements to enhance safety and comfort.

Renovating the Carriage House – DRI Award: $1,360,000

The historic Carriage House, vacant for nearly two decades, will be rehabilitated to provide a microbrewery, sports bar, restaurant, as well as several units of housing on the upper floors. In addition to residential space, a portion of the upper floors will be utilized as flex space to function as a banquet space as needed.

Constructing Glove City Lofts – DRI Award: $1,250,000

Artist housing will be constructed on an existing vacant lot near City Hall through this project. It will offer approximately 75 loft-styled affordable housing units for mixed-income tenants, complete with greenspace and an art gallery managed by the Glove City Arts Alliance.

Activating St. Thomas Square for Year-Round Activities – DRI Award: $1,120,000

This project will create a strong connection to Main Street by redeveloping an underutilized park including: a new pedestrian and memorial area around Farmers Market Pavilion and an ice-skating area with associated amenities.

Revitalizing Daniel Hayes Mill – DRI Award: $1,050,000

This project will redevelop a former industrial site, including an historic four-story wood-framed brick structure and multiple single-story masonry buildings, for multi-family residential use that will bring new residents to downtown Gloversville and bring new life to a long-abandoned property.

Initiating Downtown Business Improvement Fund – DRI Award: $600,000

The Downtown Business Fund will provide small businesses and organizations in the DRI area with the financial support needed to bridge the funding gap for expansion and improvement projects. The city will award grants based on a competitive application, review process and match requirement.

Enhancing Public Amenities at Trail Station Park – DRI Award: $495,000

The second phase of a planned expansion at Trail Station Park will begin, replacing a large section of asphalt with amenities such as a splash pad, restroom, pavilion, and a changing area, as well as trees, picnic areas, trails, and greenspace.

Improving Streetscapes and Connectivity – DRI Award: $441,000

This project will create a more welcoming environment for visitors and residents by providing improved sidewalks, street trees for shade, and pedestrian lighting at key locations in the downtown.

Creating a Downtown Piazza – DRI Award: $435,000

This project will transform this centrally located completely vacant property into an urban plaza/public gathering place for public concerts and performances, weekly outdoor movie nights, and an urban park atmosphere. Space will be provided for food trucks and stalls for local restaurants. Green infrastructure will be incorporated to allow stormwater infiltration.

Transforming a Vacant Building into a Microbrewery – DRI Award: $359,000

A vacant former garage building will be repurposed into the headquarters for Glove City Brewing, with a microbrewery, kitchen restrooms, and an outdoor biergarten.

Renovating Schine Memorial Hall, Third Floor – DRI Award: $346,000

The third floor of Schine Memorial Hall, a prominent, three-story building that has been a downtown landmark since its construction in 1881, will be renovated to create an attractive space for the relocation of the Storto Glove Museum and coworking space for artists.

Reviving Former City Hall – DRI Award: $250,000

The ground floor of the former City Hall building will be renovated for the addition of a restaurant and bakery in the vacant space of the mixed-used building.