Hochul says she has big plans to tighten gun restrictions in NY state

Gov. Kathy Hochul held a press conference Wednesday in East Greenbush with the Interstate Task Force on Illegal Guns.

The governor started off with all the progress they’ve made within the last six months of getting guns off the street. She says in six months, they’ve doubled the amount of gun seizures compared to last year.

Hochul then talked about ways they are going to keep New Yorkers safe.

During a session with her team and legal experts, they will be expanding restrictions in areas she calls “sensitive” locations. They include federal, state, local government buildings, health and medical facilities, places where children gather, public transportation, polling places, and educational institutions to name a few.

Hochul says they want to protect the rights of private businesses, so once the bill is signed, the presumption is concealed carried weapons are not allowed on the property. However, if a business chooses to allow concealed carried weapons, they will place a sign in their window saying concealed carried weapons are welcomed here. Hochul says the Supreme Court justices cannot decide what’s best for the state of New York.

Hear about her plans to update safe storage laws in the state by watching the video of Taniqua Pennixs story.