Hudson City School District ends football season early

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The Hudson City School District’s varsity football season is “over”.

The school released a statement detailing why they decided to “hit the kill switch”.

The district said that athlete injuries and bad grades played a huge factor in cutting the season short. Despite this statement, family members of the community are outraged.

We spoke with the Superintendent Dr. Lisamarie Spindler, and Athletic Director Shawn Briscoue for more information.

Briscoue told us that “In order to participate, we need 17 eligible players on the side lines. Unfortunately, we weren’t able to sustain that number.”

Dr. Spindler added that “It was a very difficult decision and many strategies were put into place to avoid having to do this. But there’s regulations that have to be followed, and we didn’t meet those regulations to sustain playing the rest of the season”.