Hudson woman claims life insurance company ripped her off

A Hudson woman claims she was ripped off by an insurance company. Catalina Tanaka, 78, said she lost thousands of dollars because she lived. Tanaka wishes she knew 20-years ago what she now knows, she said.

Her expectation was that if she died, there would be money to cremate her, and give whatever is left over to her grandkids.

As it turns out, Tanaka is still among the living, for which she is grateful. However, because the insurance company never had to pay off, she feels there was no benefit for her, and she strongly believes she’s entitled to reimbursement of her $7,000.

Bottom line, Tanaka is certain the insurance company stole her money.

However, she also acknowledged she didn’t read the fine print. If she had, and if she understood it thoroughly, she wouldn’t have purchased the policy, she said.

She now wants to prevent others from having the same problem.

Hear her discuss her frustration by watching the video of Dan Levys story.

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