Ice cream entrepreneur a Good Humor grant winner

AMSTERDAM – According to a survey by the Good Humor Ice Cream Company, 70% of Americans acknowledge they see fewer ice cream trucks in their neighborhoods these days compared to when they were growing up. Joshua Malatino, a.k.a. Sno Kone Joe, is determined to make sure the ice cream truck memories will still be around long into the future.

Ice Cream entrepreneur a Good Humor grant winner

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Malatino’s livelihood involves cruising the streets and serving up treats. He happens to own the homegrown Sno Kone Joe Ice Cream franchise and he knows how to sprinkle the day with sweet sunshine and avoid a rocky road relationship with his customers.

“I think it’s about how you treat people, be a good person, you’ve got to treat people with respect and build relationships,” he said.

That attitude has earned Malatino a $5,000 reward from the Good Humor Ice Cream Company as one of the top finishers in the nationwide Neighborhood Joy Grant Program.

“All the money will be reinvested into the business,” he said. “Part of the $5,000 has already gone for the upkeep of the vehicle, and we’re hoping to win that $20,000.”

Twenty thousand dollars would be the cherry on top for Malatino if he were to be selected the top ice cream truck vendor, an online competition that is currently underway.

“We’re really hoping we can get a good following on social media and local news agencies,” he stated. “I think people know who I am. I’ve always been a good person.”

If you’d like to vote for an ice cream vendor in your community, you can visit the website here.