‘I’m very upset!’ Capital Region fans disappointed at new Taylor Swift ticket cancellations

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The Taylor Swift concert ticket fiasco is something fans know all too well. The problem continues for over 100 local Swifties after a vendor canceled their ticket orders.

Elizabeth Place, a Watervliet resident, spent nearly $1,000 on two tickets from Yankee Trails for her daughter, Jane Place. It was a Christmas gift that’s now been taken away from her.

Elizabeth and Jane planned on attending Swift’s stadium tour together. Going to concerts is something they love to do and bond over.

“We got to concerts together all the time. We are buddies,” Elizabeth said. “I like to see the glow in my daughter’s eyes.”

The mother and daughter said the deal with Yankee Trails was to see the superstar singer at MetLife Stadium in May. It also included a bus ride to the venue in New Jersey.

“I was really excited because I knew that it was hard to get because I couldn’t get them during pre-sale. I knew a lot of people couldn’t get them. So I was really excited,” Jane said.

Elizabeth and Jane were told on Jan. 6 that their ticket package was canceled. They said Yankee Trails told them a contract fell through, and they could no longer promise tickets.

“They’re a business. They should have what they’re selling.”

Elizabeth Place

“My frustration is I paid $1,000 for two tickets,” Elizabeth said. “And knowing she’s going to be able to go, something she [Jane] really wanted. In the end, we get this call, and she can’t go. I’m very upset.”

Taylor Swift’s “The Eras Tour” is the center of heartache and many problems for Ticketmaster after it botched the rollout of tickets in November 2022.

The Senate Judiciary Committee even held a hearing about Ticketmaster and the lack of competition in the ticketing industry.

Yankee Trails is a separate issue. The company said it will provide a full refund to over 100 Swifties who are impacted by this and is offering free transportation if those customers are somehow able to score new tickets another way.

“But that’s pretty unlikely,” Jane said. 

In a statement from Yankee Trail, it said: “Unfortunately, Yankee Trails cannot fulfill the ticket order for the Taylor Swift concerts happening in May, leaving us no other option than to cancel our pre-existing trips we had scheduled and booked guests on. We accept full responsibility for this frustrating turn of events, as this is not the customary experience Yankee Trails customers get when booking their concert tickets with us. We have fully refunded every guest for the tickets they booked, and offered them free transportation to the concert should they be able to secure tickets on their own. As a team, we are working to create a more seamless ticket purchasing system so this never happens again and guests can have memorable experiences with their loved ones in the future.”

Jane and Elizabeth are scouring the internet to try and find reasonable seats to see Swift and get the chance to continue their tradition of attending concerts together.

“I think it’s frustrating because they should have had the tickets before selling them because these tickets were hard to get from the start,” Jane said.

“Before they get these people’s hopes up, they should make sure,” Elizabeth said. “They’re a business. They should have what they’re selling.”