Senator calls for cameras in state parks after girl was kidnapped

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The kidnapping of the 9-year-old girl from Moreau Lake State Park has New York state leaders calling for change.

Senator Jim Tedisco plans to introduce a bill that requires state parks, campgrounds, and recreational facilities to have security cameras at all entrances and exits.

The 9-year-old has since been reunited with her family. Police found the victim almost exactly 48 hours at the suspect Craig Ross Jr’s home.

If cameras had been installed at the park, law enforcement could have found her earlier. “If we had video cameras at that park site of anybody going in with a vehicle, motorcycle…we would have had this individual at his house probably within an hour, two hours or three hours because we would have had his license plate,” he said.

The bill will require that state parks like Moreau Lake be equipped with security cameras that can identify license plates and make and models of all vehicles entering and exiting the parks.