Judge says lawsuit against UAlbany can move forward

A loss in the courtroom Friday night for UAlbany men’s basketball coach Dwayne Killings.

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A federal judge ruled Friday the suit brought against the coach and UAlbany can move forward. 

Killings is being sued by former UAlbany player Luke Fizulich.
He has accused the coach of assaulting him in a locker room in 2021.
Fizulich, who is white, also accuses UAlbany of discrimination because they did not fire killings, who is black, after the alleged attack.

Judge David Hurd wrote, “as alleged, the university’s choice to retain Killings, despite his assault of plaintiff, one of its students, represents highly questionable decision-making. So questionable, in fact, that it plausibly supports a minimal inference that the decision was colored by discriminatory motivation.”
UAlbany has until August 3 to respond.