Klein trial testimony: Injuries show Rabadi fought for his life

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Jurors on Friday saw autopsy photos of Philip Rabadi in the trial of accused killer Jacob Klein.

Rabadi’s family was in the courtroom as disturbing photos were shown of the deep stab wounds found on Rabadi’s body after he was attacked and killed in his New Scotland home.

Dr. Bernard Ng with the Albany County Coroner’s Office performed the autopsy. He showed photos of where the jugular vein and carotid artery were severed. Rabadi died of massive blood loss as a result, Dr. Ng testified.

Dr. Ng testified that Rabadi had long cuts along his hairline and ear. He described how Rabadi’s injuries show he did everything he could to turn his head to prevent his attacker from getting to that area, Dr. Ng said, knowing himself as a physician’s assistant that being stabbed in the carotid artery can be fatal.

Ng testified that the murder weapon was a three-to-six-inch knife and was likely not serrated.

Dr. Ng also showed how Rabadi was restrained, but those restraints were removed after he died.

Klein also cross-examined the forensic expert about the fact that none of his DNA was found at the crime scene. Klein has been calm and even keeled in his cross-examination of witnesses at his trial. He was watching closely as prosecutors showed photos of Rabadi’s injuries.

The day ended with testimony from an intelligence analyst with the New York State Intelligence Center who analyzed Klein’s cell phone data and created several maps. Klein objected to the testimony on the basis that the witness is not an expert in cell phone carrier data. Judge William Little has not yet made a determination about whether the cell phone data maps will be allowed.

The trial will resume on Monday.