ONLY ON 13: Kaylin’s father: Verdict helps healing process

Interview with Kaylin Gillis’ dad

Kaylin Gillis' dad speaks with NewsChannel 13 one day after Kevin Monahan was found guilty of murdering his daughter.

Andy Gillis, the father of Kaylin Gillis, spoke with NewsChannel 13 one day after a jury found Kevin Monahan guilty of murder.

Gillis’ father spoke on the phone with NewsChannel 13’s Subrina Dhammi and Mark Mulholland, as he drove back to his Florida home. The Gillis family moved there a few months after Kaylin was shot and killed on April 15, 2023, as she rode in an SUV that had gotten lost in Kevin Monahan’s driveway.
Mr. Gillis cried as the guilty verdict was read on Tuesday. He’s relieved, he said.

“I’m feeling really good about the verdict. It’s been a long nine months and we’ve been waiting for justice, hoping for justice. With the verdict coming (Tuesday), we’re very happy with it,” he said. “Obviously, it’s not going to change anything. It’s not going to bring Kaylin back, but it’s a start for us to start healing.”

Mr. Gillis was asked if he would ever be able to forgive Monahan.

“The good part of me wants to someday, maybe, but right now I am not even thinking about that, but who knows. You know, time will tell.”

Learn about what Mr. Gillis said it was like to tell the verdict to family members who couldn’t make it to court, by watching the video.