Klein sentenced to 25 years to life for brutal 2022 New Scotland murder

Man sentenced to 25 years to life in prison for New Scotland murder

Jacob Klein sentenced to 25 years to life in prison for murdering Philip Rabadi in his New Scotland home.

The man convicted of killing Philip Rabadi in his New Scotland home last year was sentenced Friday to 25 years to life in prison.

Jacob Klein was found guilty of second-degree murder in October.

Prosecutors said Klein was jealous that his ex-girlfriend, Elana Radin, had married Rabadi in September 2021. During the trial, they showed correspondence Klein had with Elana Radin admitting his feelings. He had been stalking the couple’s movements and traveled to the area to carry out the murder in April 2022.

The sentencing followed emotional victim impact statements from Rabadi’s family members, who called Klein a “psychopath” and “scum.”

“He is dangerous, psychopathic and evil. I repeat. He is dangerous, psychopathic and evil,” said Shaw Rabadi, Philip’s father.

Rabadi pointed several times at Klein.

“That criminal with his wicked act, who has proven himself unworthy of existence in our society, must face the consequences, the consequences of his evil actions,” he said.

Rabadi said he mourns for his beloved son who was killed in the prime of his life. Every breath is a painful reminder of the emptiness that engulfs the whole family.

Rabadi said his son’s final moments were filled with fear and pain. 

His son and Klein were both physician assistants.

“This individual took an oath to heal and nurture. Instead, transformed into a cold-blooded killer, motivated by envy, jealously and rejection,” he said.

“May the sentence serve as a beacon of hope for a community and as a society that seeks to protect its citizens and punish those who perpetuate such evil and such devastation.” 

He said he feared for his family’s safety if Klein were ever to be set free.

“We already know what he did. He already knows what he did. What he is capable of doing. He has nothing, nothing to lose,” he said. 

His mother, called Klein “worthless” and a “psychopath.” She said she cannot sleep because she is haunted by the thoughts of “the family he will never raise and the countless memories we will never share.”

She said that Klein must be punished – not only as retribution – but as necessary to safeguard society.

“The defendant’s actions show a cold-blooded and chilling capacity for pre-mediated violence,” he said. 

Philip Rabadi’s brother, Brendan Rabadi, said his brother was an “embodiment of joy” and the two were inseparable. 

“My brother was my best friend. He’s been a constant partner since I was 2 years old,” he said. 

His brother pursued his various passions and was known for sense of humor – in stark contrast to Klein.

“This man is the scum of humanity. He is a physical manifestation of the darkness,” he said.

He went on to say that the killing was an act of “utter weakness” and “moral bankruptcy.” The crime was an act of unspeakable violence committed by a man filled with “jealously, self-hatred and a loathsome sense of superiority.”

“Philip’s life was one of hope, love and integrity in stark contrast to the actions of this miserable person, which as shown the worse society has to offer,” Brendan Rabadi went on to say. 

“The defendant is not only a threat to my family forever but to all of society,” he said.

Klein chose to represent himself a trial, which family members said was another insult.

“He sought to manipulate the narrative, spewing lies and falsehoods in a pathetic display of arrogance, self-importance and intellectual impotence,” he said.

“His conduct in court was a further insult to the memory of my brother, who lived with integrity and honesty,” Rabadi added. “This individual believed he had outsmarted the jury, yourself, your honor, and everyone else in an attempt to escape the consequences of his disgusting crime.”

Sister Lexi Rabadi said in a letter she misses her brother and struggles with how to trust people. 

“We are sentenced to a lifetime without parole of picking up the pieces of what once was our beautiful family,” she said.

Assistant District Attorney Jessica Blain-Lewis said the jury saw the proof of Rabadi’s premeditation and rendered its verdict. 

“This is a crime that took time, effort and an extensive amount of planning and preparation,” she said.

Philip Rabadi’s widow, Elana Radin, was not in court. However, she took the stand at trial, which Blain-Lewis said took an incredible amount of bravery.

When given the opportunity to speak, Jacob Klein just said: “My thoughts and prayers are with the family. I hope this sentencing proceeding will give them some peace.” 

Judge William Little also weighed in on his opinion of Klein before delivering the sentence.

“I’ve almost had to question my own humanity the last couple of days, because I struggle to find any humanity in Mr. Klein,” he said.

Orders of protection were issued for Klein preventing him from having contact with the Rabadi family.

Jacob Klein offers brief statement

Jacob Klein offers brief statement