Lack of snow keeping some ski areas from opening

No snow = no cross country skiing

A family-run ski area says they can't open until the snow can stick to the ground.

Today is the official start of winter, but we haven’t seen much in terms of wintry weather. Sun and mild temperatures are not what ski resorts have been hoping for.

The owner of a family-owned cross-country ski area in Rensselaer County said they may not be able to open until the new year.

“We’d like to open before Christmas but haven’t been able to this year,” Walter Kersch said.

Kersch said it’s disappointing not to see a blanket of snow at Pineridge Cross-Country Ski Area.

He’s been running the business for 40 years in Petersburgh, Kersch knows what to expect and what not to expect.

Sun and warm weather not what ski resorts want for winter

One local cross country ski area won't open until the new year.

However, the delay is costing him money. “Certainly, an amount of it. We have utilities to pay,” Kersch said.

Other ski areas are also struggling to adapt to the warmer temperatures.

Including Gore Mountain and Jiminy Peak, even posting on Facebook about having to temporarily close because of recent storms and flooding.

“We had three and a quarter inches of rain,” Kersch said.

But Kersch is staying positive.

“What happens, happens. We’re going to be excited when we’re able to open. Excited to see all of our old friends.”