Lake George Winter Carnival manages this year’s mild winter

Lake George Winter Carnival

Lake George Winter Carnival pivots ice activities due to this year's warm winter.

Lake George relies heavily on the cold temperatures for their winter tourism. We spoke to several businesses and they’re making the most of this year’s mild temperatures.

Chef Vincent from Bambaz Mac-N-Smash says they’d have more business if the Lake was frozen, but they still are having a good time this year. “We appreciate the people that have come down and we treat them accordingly, we actually get to spend a little more time with them,” said Vincent.

At the carnival, there was just a light dusting of snow on the ground. The sidewalks were clear and kids were playing in the sand as opposed to the snow. Data from The Lake George Association says on average the lake is fully frozen by January 19th.

Jessyca Darrah, the Co-Chairperson of The Lake George Winter Carnival tells us the weather has not been ideal for them this year but they have backup plans. “We’re not needing that ice. We would love the ice, but like we keep saying, we do not need ice to survive here. We’re having fun today and every weekend for the winter carnival,” said Darrah.

Mariha Bailey, the owner of Brew’d Coffee, described what the carnival would look like if the lake was frozen. “Oh my God, she said, hundreds, hundreds. When I was a kid, maybe even five years ago, we saw a few trucks on the ice and you couldn’t walk on the sidewalks that we’re standing on right now there was thousands of people.”

And an employee from Lake George Popcorn Company, Reilly Williams agreed. “I think if the Lake was frozen it would probably double in size, there’s a lot more activities that they do when the Lake is frozen,” said Williams.

Despite the warm temps organizers with The Lake George Winter Carnival managed to coordinate a month long list of events for people to celebrate without the ice. Next weekend is the last weekend of the carnival.