Lansingburgh businesses want National Grid to pay up after lengthy blackout

A widespread blackout caused problems for some Lansingburgh businesses this past weekend. They want National Grid to pay for the monetary damages.

The impact on businesses was immense, with restaurants and offices struggling to cope with the unexpected loss of electricity.

As night fell, the bustling streets of Lansingburgh turned eerily quiet, with only the faint glow of emergency lights illuminating the once-vibrant storefronts.

Business owners were forced to close their doors, leaving many employees without work and customers in the dark.

The local economy took a hit as sales and revenue plummeted during this critical period.

Small businesses – already facing hardships from the pandemic – found themselves dealing with a double blow and jeopardizing their chances of recovery.

National Grid said in a statement to NewsChannel 13 that they don’t typically reimburse for outages caused by circumstances beyond their control – including weather and animals. However, claims can be submitted on their website to be investigated.

Hear from a frustrated business owner and the Troy City Council president by watching the video of Tiffany Payton’s story.