Latham man injured in Coeymans marina explosion speaks about recovery

Latham man injured in Coeymans marina explosion speaks about recovery

A Latham man who was injured in a Coeymans marina explosion almost two years ago speaks about his recovery. It's been a long road for Eric Allen.

Eric Allen spent about a year and a half in the hospital and in rehab. His story is one of strength and determination, but it’s also a love story.

“She never left. She showed up right behind me, and never left,” said Allen about his wife.

Eric and Lori Allen have been married 30 years.

“I.. I wouldn’t have made it without her, honest to God,” he said.

Life changed in an instant in January 2022 when Eric was burned over half his body in an explosion at Coeymans marina, where he was working as yard foreman.

“My biggest problem was my internal injuries. It wasn’t the burns. I had 100 percent organ failure.”

“I was in a fog,” said Lori Allen. “It was just unreal what had happened. They told me it was going to be a roller coaster ride but I had no idea what that meant. It was just literally– he almost died, it seemed like every other week.”

Eric said thinking about Lori and his grandchildren kept him going.

“And then I started getting a little bit of movement in my arms and my legs. And I remember it was a feat to even touch my nose,” he said. “That was a big deal.”

Latham man injured in explosion speaks about recovery

It's been a long road for a Latham man who was critically injured in an explosion at the Coeymans marina almost two years ago.

Eric spent a long seven months in intensive care, many months more in the hospital and rehab– and Lori was always by his side.

“Number one is the guy that saved me, Joey Gessner, he’s my co-worker, he pulled me out. And number two is my wife,” said Eric. “If it wasn’t for those two people, it wouldn’t have happened.”

“We have a really good life together and we just really enjoy our simple little life here and that’s what I kept thinking is I’m not going to go back unless I go back with him, and we’re going to continue our life together,” said Lori.

“I couldn’t make it through life without him so we’re a team, you know.”

As we showed you last year, friends and now a whole community are looking out for Hudson, the swan he had befriended.

The Allens together want to thank the community.

“Everybody– their cards, sending donations, the GoFundMe, everybody’s thoughts and prayers, just really really got us through it, so we’re eternally grateful for everyone,” said Lori.

“I have a lot of injuries that I have overcome, but there are injuries I will never overcome and I just have to learn to live with them,” said Eric. “But ultimately, I just want to be here for my grandkids and my wife and try to be the best person I can be.”