Local leaders and organizations respond to Tyre Nichols death

Body camera footage, and video from a community security camera show the incident that prosecutors call a murder, carried out by five Memphis police officers earlier this month.
The video shows the fatal beating of Tyre Nichols, and we will warn you – some may find the video disturbing.

New York State Senator Kirsten Gillibrand is responding.

She says Nichols’ death is outrageous and horrifying.
Gillibrand calls for every level of government to eliminate violence and brutality from our criminal justice system.
She sends prayers for Nichol’s family, the Memphis community, and our country.

The New York State Police superintendent also released a statement in response, condemning the attack carried out by those five former officers.

The statement says, ” we are outraged and sickened, and we also understand the frustration being felt by the public.”

The Schenectady police department shared a response as well.
Chief of police Eric Clifford says “it is the job of police officers to protect the community that they serve against those that wish to cause it harm. I take the oath that I have given to protect the community seriously, and that includes protection from police officers who do not uphold their oath…”

Clifford says, “the five former police officers in Memphis failed their community, their agency, and their families by their actions on January 7th.”

The Saratoga chapter of the Black Lives Matter organization has also released a statement.

The statement says, “Saratoga BLM is sick and disgusted by these killings and collectively we must ask ourselves when we will live in a world where we can live full and prosperous lives and not be subjected to death for being black and standing up for what we believe in, that black lives matter.”