State Police: Hadley man arrested for DWI twice in 8 hours

A man from Hadley, Saratoga County is arrested two times in one day, accused of doing the same thing, driving while drunk.

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State Police in Wilton arrested 37-year-old Jeffrey Nadeau twice within eight hours on Thursday, October 13.

They tell NewsChannel 13 the first arrest was after he crashed his car into a utility pole in Corinth just after 9:00 a.m. He was given a ticket, and police say he was released with a ticket.

Then police say he was arrested again just after 4:30 p.m. in Wilton by the same trooper, who found him sleeping in a car they say was partially in the road.

Both times, police say Nadeau had a BAC above the legal limit, the first time 0.17 and the second time, 0.13. After the second alleged DWI, he was given another ticket for an upcoming court date in November and released again.

State Police declined to do an interview with NewsChannel 13 Monday.

They explained that the reason for release is not related to bail reform, but that police could only suspend a suspect’s license if he or she refused to cooperate multiple times. Police could also arraign a suspect if they had reason to believe he or she would not return for court, such as living out of state.

However, police say Nadeau has no known DWI convictions, was cooperative during both investigations and that no one was injured in either alleged incident.