Berkshire County DA: trooper kills armed man during response to domestic incident

The Massachusetts State Police are investigating after an officer shot and killed an armed person at a home in Berkshire County Saturday morning.

At around 7:00 a.m. Massachusetts State Police were called to a house on Richmond Road in Hancock, MA in response to a domestic incident.

While officers were on scene, an individual armed with a weapon approached the police and was told by officers to stop, but when that person refused, an officer then fired their weapon at them, the Berkshire District Attorney’s office said.

That person was pronounced dead after receiving CPR on scene, the Berkshire District Attorney’s office said.

Pittsfield Police also responded to the scene shortly after the incident to help resuscitate the individual.

The individual’s identity has not yet been released.

The investigation surrounding this incident is ongoing, and law enforcement will be reviewing body and cruiser cameras.  

Hancock, Massachusetts does not have a local law enforcement body so the Massachusetts State Police are the primary law enforcement agency providing police services to Hancock.

The agencies that are investigating include the District Attorney’s Office, First Assistant DA Marianne Shelvey, the State Police Detective Unit, along with other specialized units of the State Police, the Berkshire District Attorney’s office said.

The Massachusetts State Police conduct a review of all use of force incidents, the Berkshire District Attorney’s office said.