Mechanicville couple injured by something fired from passing car

Mechanicville woman describes being shot by something in drive-by

A Mechanicville woman and her husband were out for a walk Tuesday evening, when a passing car slowed down and a passenger pulled out what looked like a gun and started shooting.

A Tuesday evening stroll in Mechanicville turned scary.

Katrina Osterhout and her husband were out for a walk and were just about to cross Park Avenue at Third Avenue, when from the back of a passing car, someone pulled out a gun and started shooting at them.

“I was hit in the face directly, I was hit in the side, and my husband was hit in the hand,” said Osterhout. “It was unbelievably shocking. The boy was wearing one of those red bandanas covering his face.”

While it wasn’t a real gun, it looked like one, and it left her with real injuries.

The couple immediately called police.

“While I was giving my statement, they did mention another lady that was hit in the face twice and in the hand, as well,” said Osterhout.

Woman injured by something shot from passing car

A husband and wife in Mechanicville were out on their evening stroll last week, when they were injured by something fired from a passing car.

She learned through Facebook of two more women hit in Stillwater that same night.

Police believe it could have been a gel blaster shooting water-based gel beads called Orbeez. Teens across the country are taking part through social media in something called the Orbeez Challenge, driving and shooting the guns. It’s no trivial game, Osterhout said.

“It felt like if you were behind a big truck, and they shot up a rock,” she said. “It really felt like a rock hitting my face.”

What made it even worse is that it could have destroyed her eye. She was recovering from eye surgery at the time.

“I understand kids will be kids, but honestly, that was a very stupid decision. It has real repercussions,” Osterhout said. “They are lucky that no one had serious damage to their face, to their body, and I believe they really should be punished.”

Osterhout didn’t just take a physical hit, she took a financial one as well. She lost significant income from having to cancel clients so she could make emergency medical appointments.

She describes the car as a gray four-door sedan, possibly a Honda Accord. It was reckless and dangerous, and a public safety concern, she said.

“I mean, people walk these streets all the time,” said Osterhout. “You’d think you’d feel safe in Mechanicville, but if teenagers are going out shooting at people, it’s terrifying, and I do believe the community should know about that.”