Menands restaurant owner says community support helping in breast cancer fight

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Jessica Lamoreaux says as soon as she felt what she describes as a golf ball sized growth on her breast in February 2021, she knew exactly what it was.

At only 40 years old, Lamoreaux was moving towards multiple surgeries, including a mastectomy and hysterectomy, bone scans and chemo.

“Chemo was awful. I have said several times that I will never do that again,” said Lamoreaux. “I still don’t have my taste buds, so I am only eating vegetables. Some days, I’m not always keeping down food.”

That can be tough, considering Lamoreaux and her husband own Il Faro, an Italian restaurant in Menands.

Lamoreaux says eyebrows and eyelashes falling out during chemo was bizarre.

“I am not a big makeup girl. So trying to draw on eyebrows looked like a 5-year-old did it,” she said with a laugh.

On the days when laughing was tough, Lamoreaux leans on her husband.

She says he has held the fort down at work and been to every appointment.

The day Lamoreaux said goodbye to her hair, her husband shaved his head, too.

Learn about the next step for Lamoreaux and how the restaurant is helping her hold up, by watching the video of Chris Onorato’s story.