Messy commute, drivers urge others to be be patient and drive safely

For hours, the snow fell rapidly in North Greenbush.

Parked cars were buried in snow, and snow plows found themselves clearing the same area all throughout the night, as the snow quickly covered their work.

No stranger, to Upstate winter, Christine Grugan described what it’s like driving in the snow. “It’s about having patience. Keeping a distance from the cars in front of you, driving slow, and give yourself time more or less,” said Grugan.

Another driver, Kristen Brinsko talked about the challenges she face driving on the roads covered in snow. “It’s kind of scary, she said, because you don’t know, especially with the slush, you don’t know if you’re going to crash. You don’t know what’s going to happen, your car can go out of control.”

As the night progressed, the snow began to taper off, but it still was a busy night for the drivers operating the snow plows.