Local mom details ‘creepy’ park incident in Colonie, others share similar stories

Mom details experience at Colonie park

A post on social media circulated detailing experiences with a suspicious person at the Crossings of Colonie.

Parents and community members in Colonie were on high alert after a post on social media circulated, detailing uneasy experiences with a suspicious person at the Crossings of Colonie.

The mom behind the post shared her unsettling encounter with NewsChannel 13, with that person appearing to watch her and her young children closely at the playground Monday.

Colonie Police told NewsChannel 13 the person has been banned from the park after not obeying park rules, including being present after hours. The park closes at 8:00 p.m. and opens at 8:00 a.m.

Police said if parents or anyone sees suspicious behavior in parks or any area, call local police and report the activity.

The mom, who did not want to be identified, said she looked back at photos taken at the park and realized the person was in the back watching her and her children the whole time.

She posted about it on social media and learned she was not alone. The post had well more than 1,000 shares Wednesday. Others shared they, too, had uneasy encounters with the same person at the park and other locations in the Capital Region.

She shared what police told her after she reached out to report what happened.

“The police called me and they asked me what happened. I told them the story, and they had said when they spoke to him that he seemed a little off and they had gotten previous calls regarding the same guy and then if I go back there and see him, not to hesitate to call,” she said.

Some have commented on the post suggesting she overreacted.

“I’ll be the first to apologize to the man if he is just an innocent person,” she said. “You just never know in today’s society, there’s too many school shootings, too many mass shootings just anywhere. Who’s to say it’s not going to happen at a park?”

NewsChannel 13 is not identifying the person connected to the alleged encounters because the individual is not charged with a crime. Community members shared a memo identifying the person, but police said the memo was meant for town park employees’ knowledge and not for the public.