National Grid prepares for potential power outages due to storm

National Grid is in preparation mode for the winter weather headed toward the Capital Region.

The three things that National Grid is keeping an eye on are snow, ice and wind as they are the biggest factors that cause power outages. 

Since the storm is widespread across the Midwest and Northeast, the company brought crews from across North America to help.

“We’re bringing more than 2,000 line and tree people in from Texas and Canada. We’ve been securing those crews for the last couple of days knowing that this system is coming in, so we’re getting crews ready, getting the trucks ready and we’re kind of in that wait-and-see mode at the moment,” said National Grid spokesman Patrick Stella.

Many crews will be on the road and won’t get to spend Christmas with their families. Linemen are working shifts of 18 hours on, six hours off until the storm is completed and any power that went out is restored.

“A lot of us will be missing the holiday, a lot of our families will be home without us, but this is a sacrifice we know we have to make working for a utility and we’re here for our customers,” said Chief Line Mechanic Don Bauer.

National Grid said the bulk of the restoration work will happen when the storm is over and crews can work quickly and safely.