New NY legislation to protect domestic violence victims

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In recognition of “Domestic Violence Awareness Month,” New York will be taking a stronger stride in helping out victims in recovery. That includes new legislation.

Gov. Hochul focused Tuesday on lifting up the spirit of survivors, and to navigate how New York can help.

One way she says New York can help do that is by understanding the need for men and women who are escaping from domestic violence to maintain their safety. She says the law can help with that.

“This will allow victims of sexual violence to apply to the Board of Elections to have their voter registration information sealed to the public. Again, one more way that an abuser can track down the location of someone, and very easily show up there  or go to the children’s school,” said Hochul. “There’s a lot of vulnerability when you’re in this situation – even if you have an order of protection.”

The governor is announcing a new bill that will require utility and gas companies to allow customers to opt out of shared contracts with their abusers.