New, temporary homeless shelter opens in Saratoga Springs

Saratoga Springs has a new home for people without a home. A new temporary homeless shelter opened Monday on Adelphi Street. Many homeless had been using a parking garage for shelter. A task force is expected to finalize a permanent solution in July.

The new facility is run by the nonprofit RISE. There’s space to eat, sleep, do laundry, take a hot shower, and there’s a common area and outdoor space. The facility started with 30 beds, but was full the first night. It’s now sleeping 35 people.

Local benefactors Sonny and Julie Bonacio are covering the cost of the lease. The city is contributing $239,000 under the six-month contract, which the city can renew.

The site opens after a potential location of a Code Blue Shelter at the former senior center was shot down by members of the Spa Catholic School Community. The mayor and RISE feel this center will help unhoused people address their issues as the city waits for a permanent solution.

However, neighbors near the shelter have spoken up against the location because of concerns over safety. The shelter has metal detectors, and the city has agreed to meet with neighbors once a month about their concerns.

However, it’s not just about sheltering the homeless. Learn about the next step the shelter wants to do to help these people by watching the video of Stella Porter’s story.