New York State rolls out millions of dollars to fight for clean water

New York is putting big money towards improving water infrastructure to keep drinking water safe.

This is a big deal because so many communities around the state, including several locally have dealt with chemicals in their water supplies.

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$255 million will upgrade water and sewer systems across the state, as well as reduce water pollution, and protect vital drinking water from toxic chemicals.

It is going to cities and towns all across New York, but local governments will have to apply for the funding.

This announcement was made by Gov. Kathy Hochul on Thursday, July 7.

$225 million will protect drinking water in municipalities.

Here is the breakdown of the funding:

$30 million will mostly target counties that need to replace old septic and cesspool systems and prevent water pollution.

Of that $30 million, $20 million of that will go to Long Island to address substandard or failing septic systems.

Setting aside this funding for water quality will create jobs in manufacturing, engineering, construction and more.

Hochul said providing clean water for your homes is so critically important. The consequences are devastating if they don’t.

“When you have it [water], it’s like air. You take it for granted. You don’t think about it,” she said. “When you don’t, your community is challenged, your homes, businesses are affected and it becomes a deterrent to want to live in a place as something as basic as water quality.”

So far, more than $400 million has been invested in state water grants for communities that need help to tackle contaminated water.

Hochul said she’s going to keep pushing to fund even more projects to have safe drinking water.