Newly released video shows how jurors convicted Klein in New Scotland murder

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Surveillance video of Jacob Klein helped lead jurors to Thursday’s guilty verdict.

Klein, who represented himself, was convicted of second degree murder in the brutal stabbing of Philip Rabadi, the new husband of his ex-girlfriend from years ago, Elana Radin.

Prosecutors presented no DNA evidence. Instead, they showed a trail of videos that pointed to Klein. The videos were released for the first time at the end of the trial.

Key testimony from troopers in Tennessee and Virginia came from body camera videos of Jacob Klein’s arrest for murder on April 15, 2022, two days after the crime. Klein was arrested just over the Tennessee border in Virginia, where he lived at the time.

Klein pulled over on the highway without prompting from police. When troopers handcuffed him, Klein is seen making telling statements.

He told police, “I know what you guys are here for.”

“I was planning on turning myself in,” he is seen saying.

“Trust me, I really wanted to f****** die by police a little while ago. But I would never shoot a cop. I would never shoot a cop,” he said as law enforcement ushers him into the police vehicle.

Another key piece connecting Klein to the crime came from a neighbor’s home security footage of the killer supposedly threatening Rabadi and entering the New Scotland home with him.  

Jurors were tasked with comparing that figure’s clothing with stills of Klein seen stalking Rabadi at St. Peter’s Hospital, where he worked as a physician assistant.   

Klein’s cell phone records – taken from Verizon – showed Klein’s phone ping off a tower along the radius that includes Rabadi’s home at the time of the murder.

His browser history that day revealed Klein searched for WNYT and early coverage of the murder. 

Klein will be sentenced on December 8. An appeal is expected, according to Klein’s legal advisors.