Nine jurors seated in deadly Wilton DWI trial

Nine jurors have now been seated in the murder trial of Justin Rodriguez. Rodriguez is a poster child for the dangers of driving while intoxicated, police said.

He already had four prior DWI convictions when he was accused of crashing into and killing tow truck driver Alex Bleickhardt on the Northway in Wilton in September. Bleickhardt was just 33.

Jury selection continues Tuesday morning, as they work to seat three more jurors and two alternates.

Bleickhardt was initially charged with vehicular manslaughter, but an indictment handed up late Friday afternoon charges Rodriguez with murder.

His blood alcohol level was nearly three times the legal limit, said prosecutors.

It’s a 16-count indictment that also accuses him of driving under the influence of drugs and weapons possession.

His dog, Moose, was in the truck that night, and wasn’t hurt.

Alex Bleickhardt(File)