ONLY ON 13: Friends, co-workers remember Elvis impersonator

Friends of T.J. Greene Speak Out

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Friends and co-workers are remembering the Elvis impersonator from Ticonderoga who was found dead in a basement in Saratoga County.

Former co-workers describe Thomas Krider, also known as T.J. Green, as a warm presence who was welcoming to everyone.

In addition to being an Elvis impersonator, he also gave tours of the Star Trek Original Series set in Ticonderoga. He had been missing since Friday and was found dead in the home of a close friend on Tuesday.

Police said Krider died after being restrained, bound and being given Chloroform.

His friends said he loved being a tour guide.

“I have never seen someone have so much passion for a job and he just loved it so much. He was so excited,” said Ruth Weston.

Ronald Rayher, 69, of Milton is facing charges of second-degree manslaughter in connection with Krider’s death. Investigators said the two had a close personal relationship and the death was unintentional.