ONLY ON 13: Text messages reveal mom charged in baby’s death was ‘intoxicated,’ ‘soaking wet’

GE security messages give closer look into baby Halo’s death

13Investigates obtained a copy of the summary from security at General Electric, the night baby halo died. This information was sent to other employees, detailing what happened that tragic night.

The woman accused of causing her baby’s death was “intoxicated and vomited all over herself,” when she was found at the General Electric property, text messages obtained by NewsChannel 13 reveal.

The text messages obtained by 13Investigates through a source were from General Electric security staff sent to GE employees during the frantic search for the baby Halo.

Schenectady Police said Persia Nelson is responsible for her 10-month-old daughter’s death by allegedly dropping her down an 8-foot-deep pipe access area at GE’s main plant.

Messages said a GE security officer found a woman inside one of the GE buildings, not responding, on March 9 around 10:45 p.m.

The messages allege the woman was “intoxicated and vomited all over herself.” The GE security guard was able to awaken her. “She was soaking wet from the waist down.”

Investigators alllegedly found baby Halo’s blanket the night she died

ONLY ON 13: messages explain the crucial evidence police found that eventually led them to finding baby Halo at General Electric in Schenectady. Through a source, 13Investigates obtained a copy of those messages from security at GE.

When Nelson was found on GE property, the messages said security immediately called 911. Paramedics arrived and took her to Ellis Hospital.

However, police told GE security that Nelson had a child with her when she was on campus.

That’s when multiple law enforcement agencies, including GE security and Schenectady Police “started searching the entire southside of the GE campus. the railroad tracks just outside of GE, 12th street to Campbell Ave., down to the GE campus property line.”

The messages said that Nelson claimed baby Halo was still on the GE campus.  

Through an extensive search, a baby blanket was allegedly found outside GE property. Nelson “was seen with the baby wrapped in that same blanket on Campbell around 9:15 p.m.” Saturday, March 9. The family of Nelson’s boyfriend told NewsChannel 13 that Nelson was walking down Campbell Avenue heading towards GE, after leaving a family gathering.

Search crews knew they had to find baby Halo fast.

Crucial messages detail that mom dropped Baby Halo night of her death

ONLY ON 13: the shocking statement allegedly made by baby Halo's mom just before she was arrested for the infant's death. Those crucial moments are all details in text messages from GE security sent to GE employees during the frantic search for the baby.

The messages said four K-9s didn’t find anything, and two drones flying above the GE campus turned up with nothing.

Nelson was taken to Ellis Hospital after being found on the GE campus, but police brought her back – hoping she could retrace her steps. As the messages say, “Where she made entry back in the landfill area.”

During that time, the messages said Nelson told police she dropped her baby before going over a fence. Nelson was then allegedly interrogated by Schenectady Police to try and determine the exact location she entered the GE campus.

Nelson has since been arrested and charged with manslaughter and depraved indifference murder.