Paranormal group investigates Grooms Tavern

Tri City Paranormal Investigators

Tri City Paranormal Investigators has found some eerie things at Grooms Tavern in Clifton Park.

One local organization investigates the paranormal in the Capital Region.

Gary Robusto, an investigator with Tri City New York Paranormal Society, said the main goal is to debunk the claims and try to get people a plausible answer.

However, there are some things that are difficult to explain. Robusto recalled an investigation of Grooms Tavern in Clifton Park. At one point in time, the tavern housed baseball stuff and out of nowhere, he and his lead investigator were upstairs, they heard organ music – the type that would be played at a baseball game.

Learn what happened next by watching photojournalist Justin Shumway’s report.