People in Cohoes, Waterford and Troy facing the aftermath of recent torrential rainstorm

Flooding still impacting neighborhoods

Some areas are still under a flood warning this afternoon after Sunday and Monday’s torrential downpour.

Many people in Waterford sent NewsChannel 13 photos of the flood water outside their homes and inside as well.

In some photos, you could not see the floor of the basement.

The Town of Waterford posted on Facebook letting people know Front Street, South Street, as well as First, Second, and Third Streets are still experiencing mild to moderate flooding.

Long-time resident, Gene Renzi, said he drove over to the flooded areas of town to see the damage himself.

“I used to live down here on front street. I wanted to see how high it was. I lived in that blue little house, down in the corner. We got flooded out of there twice when I was a kid. This is not bad but not good either,” Renzi said,

In some spots, the water is rushing downstream taking with it logs and trash. Evens ducks swimming in spots that would usually be a driveway.

Over at Cohoes Falls, the water is loud and raging and it’s moving fast.

raging flood waters at Cohoes Falls

Raging water at Cohoes Falls. Meanwhile, the water at Hudson and Mohawk Rivers both very high after a torrential downpour.

“This is the wildest I’ve ever seen it in 45 years. There is a lot of water coming down through the falls,” Gregory Dolan said, who came to see the Cohoes Falls. “I feel bad for the people that are affected by it.”

People who live and work in Waterford, Cohoes, and Troy dealing with the aftermath of Sunday and Monday’s rainstorm.

The flooding is causing a headache for the employees at Taylor Upstate in Troy. It’s a company that supplies ice cream machines to local eateries and fast-food chains.

“We purchased a three-inch pump and we’re trying to drain the water out of our office,” Eric Stewart said.
Stewart with Taylor Upstate called several people within Troy city government to help him out. Stewart said he’s getting the runaround.

A troy business says they need help to get flooding under control

Taylor Upstate has called Troy city officials to try and get help. The flooding is causing damage to important equipment to run the business.

“We do have a lot of property. Our driveway, as you can see here, is getting ruined by the minute. We have flooding coming into our foundation, into our garage, and where our equipment is. We have that all raised off the ground right now trying to stop it.”

NewsChannel 13 called a spokesman for the City of Troy to see if they could help Stewart in any way.
Stewart said the spokesman called him to say he will try to bring this up the chain of command, and hopefully get this remediated.