People should arrive early at Albany International Airport due to weather, construction

Weather could affect airport travel

Weather could affect airport travel

A messy mix of rain and snow is set to affect the Capital Region Tuesday into Wednesday. While no major accumulation is expected, the nasty weather is expected to make one of the toughest travel days of the year even worse.

Several thousand travelers are expected at Albany International Airport. Travelers are urged to arrive at least two hours before their scheduled flight.

Getting to the airport early will allow people ample time to check backs, go through the security checkpoint and arrive at the departure gate, the airport said.

People can also use their airline’s mobile app to check in, especially if they do not have to check baggage. They should bring all documentation with them.

Airport officials are encouraging people to consider using alternative transportation to save time having to find parking.

Access to the pedestrian bridge from the parking garage is currently closed for construction on the airport’s terminal expansion project. Passengers must access the terminal from the first floor. They are asked to follow signs throughout the garage directing them to the terminal.

Lanes in front of the terminal are also reduced and curbside parking in front is never permitted. This area is for pick-up and drop-off only.

People are asked to check the TSA’s website to find out which items are prohibited from carry-on or checked luggage, and to make sure they are not packing prhobited amounts of liquids, gels, creams, pastes or aerosols. 

There are no current delays or cancellations due to the weather.

“We’ve been planning for winter weather conditions for the last several months and remain prepared. As always, we continue to monitor the weather and will communicate any impacts,” airport spokesman Steve Smith said.

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