Plastic pellets appear miles from Valley Falls train derailment

Plastic pellets appear after derailment

We're following up on reports of plastic pellets resurfacing miles from the derailment.

Nearly two weeks after a train derailed near Valley Falls, efforts were underway to clean up plastic pellets left in the water. 

NewsChannel 13 viewers sent photos of the pellets located nearly 15 miles from the derailment, along the Hudson River in Troy.

The Department of Environmental Conservation said its efforts to catch and contain the pellets started when the train derailed, putting up so-called harbor booms to try to trap the pellets. They were located in several spots, including Fisherman’s Lane in Schaghticoke.  

NYSDEC told NewsChannel 13 in part that “the total amount of product released to the river is unknown at this time. DEC has not received any reports of impacts to fish and wildlife but will continue to monitor the cleanup and all potential environmental impacts.”

They said harbor booms are located in three locations between Valley Falls and Lansingburgh to keep the pellets from spreading. DEC said at the time of the derailment that the pellets were non-toxic.