Police say more dead dogs found in Troy

A total of seven dead dogs from four locations have now been identified as victims of parvovirus, according to Troy Police Assistant Chief, Steve Barker.

“Our Animal Control officer has recently responded to additional incidents where deceased dogs have been found to have died as a result of contracting parvo, or Canine Parvovirus,” Barker said Saturday afternoon.

The dogs appear to be from the same litter as the dogs that were found earlier this week on a bike path in Lansingburgh, Barker said.

At least two dead dogs were found by someone walking on the Uncle Sam Bike Path Wednesday when they alerted police around 9:30 a.m.

Barker said other details of the case are being withheld as detectives work to determine if any crimes have been committed. He warned dog owners to be aware.

“By properly treating, or in the tragic case of death disposing, dogs that have contracted this virus we can help to limit the spread,” he said. “Please consult local veterinarians or our local Mohawk Hudson Humane Society for additional information regarding preventative measures and/or treatment.”