Glens Falls diner owner says he’s not behind political letter that carries his name

GLENS FALLS – While restaurant owner Jerry DiManno has been busy cooking up lunch for his hungry customers, someone has been busy cooking up a platter of political scandal.

The heat under his collar has nothing to do with the sizzling griddle DiManno stands over several hours a day. The anger that simmers within is the result of a political letter that’s been circulating through town.

“It’s pretty obvious why (someone would single me out),” Jerry said. “I don’t know why the hatred for me is so bad, but we have a little display in there of President Trump and a few other Republicans.”

Although DiManno says he’s been receiving mean-spirited, threatening letters in the past, the one that’s circulating through town currently really irks him. The letterhead reads “Poopie’s Lunch Counter”. It has his name printed on it in two separate places.

The text of the letter includes criticism and condemnation of Congresswoman Elise Stefanik (R – Schuylerville), including words such as “Elise Stefanik made fools of us,” “She’s a proven Liar,” and “We business owners of Glens Falls are in real trouble.”

Printed at the bottom of the letter is the name of a bogus trade organization, “The Glens Falls Area Small Business Coalition, Inc.”

A spokesman for Stefanik estimates the letter may have gone out to thousands of recipients.

“A friend of mine, a retired sergeant from New York City who moved back up here asked me if I felt threatened by it,” DiManno stated. “Yes, because some of the stuff they wrote in previous letters was pretty bad, and you never know when somebody is going to walk in and start trouble. You see it all the time on TV.”

DiManno contacted both state and local police and asked them to find out who’s behind the letter.

Elise Stefanik’s office sent out a statement calling it “a desperate attempt by far-left Democrats to deceive voters.”

The statement went on to say, “It’s shameful they would target Jerry, one of the hardest working small business owners, and someone that everyone knows is 100% behind Elise.”

Meanwhile, Stefanik’s opponent, Matt Castelli, wrote: “Obviously, our campaign had nothing to do with this and we hope state and local law enforcement get to the bottom of it.”

State Police confirm they’ve opened in investigation.