Possible meth lab found at Schenectady apartment building

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Police in Schenectady say they may have found a meth lab.

Authorities are clearly taking this situation very seriously. There were several state and local law enforcement agencies, and emergency response teams involved in the investigation.

Residents were ordered out of their apartments Monday morning, and were still not allowed to return by Monday evening.

This ordeal began at around 9:45 Monday morning. That’s when deputies from the Schenectady County Sheriff’s Department came by the Netherlands Village Apartments, Building #7, to serve an eviction notice.

The occupant was not home. A maintenance worker let the deputies in. Inside, they discovered what they describe as some sort of sophisticated chemical lab.

After the occupant of the apartment was contacted, he came to the scene. That’s when police spotted a suspicious item in his car.

At that moment, the car, parked on an adjacent street, Dorwaldt Boulevard, became a secondary potential crime scene.

Learn about what the next steps are in the investigation by watching the video of Dan Levy’s story.