Prosecution rests in Monahan Trial

Kevin Monahan and attorney Kurt Mauser at opening arguments

FORT EDWARD — After about two dozen witnesses and over four days of testimony, the prosecution on Friday rested its case in the murder trail of the Washington County man accused of shooting and killing a woman in his driveway last April.

Kevin Monahan, 66, has been charged with second-degree murder, reckless endangerment and tampering with physical evidence in the death of Kaylin Gillis.

Prosecutors have aimed to show the jury that Monahan acted with depraved indifference and caused the death of Gillis and put other people in grave danger when he fired shots from the porch of his Hebron home. Gillis and a group of her friends turned around in Monahan’s driveway, while looking for another house in the area.

Now, the defense gets to put on its case. There are only three names on their witness list. Kevin Monahan, his wife Jinx Monahan, who also testified for the people, and a gun expert.

At the start of the trial, defense attorney Arthur Frost argued that his client was scared and did not intend to fire the fatal shot.

Frost then made a motion to dismiss the charges on the grounds the prosecution has not proved its case.