Public Safety Commissioner, a Democrat, supports a Republican for Saratoga Springs mayor

Tension continues between Saratoga Springs leaders. The Democratic Public Safety Commissioner, Jim Montagnino, is publicly endorsing Republican John Safford for mayor.

This announcement comes as early voting has already started and voters are casting their ballots for mayor.

The current Mayor, Ron Kim, said he is not surprised that Montagnino is endorsing Safford.

Montagnino made this announcement on Monday, Oct. 30 during a news conference.

In a statement Kim said:

“Birds of a feather flock together. In this case, Safford and Montagnino both believe that people should be arrested for speaking at city council meetings. Montagnino arrested two people at city council meetings during his first term, and Safford is proposing the same if he gets into office. Safford also wants up to 20 police officers at these meetings to maintain order! I am not surprised that Montagnino is endorsing Safford today.

“I do wonder why Safford would accept this endorsement, since Safford, using that tired Ultra MAGA tactic of lying to promote his candidacy, is falsely claiming that Saratoga Springs has an unprecedented crime wave, which if true, would be Commissioner of Public Safety, Jim Montagnino’s fault. Saratogians want to move forward not backward.”

Montagnino said it was a difficult decision to endorse Safford, but he said Kim has proven beyond any doubt that he is not fit to hold office.

During the news conference, Montagnino said that Safford is a man who can bring differing points of view together in a civil and social atmosphere.

Montagnino makes that point because he said Kim has an inability to maintain order at city council meetings, and cannot control his temper when dealing with city employees.

NewsChannel 13 has shown the explosive argument in city hall and a voice recording, where Kim is yelling profanities at the public safety commission.

It’s one of the main reasons why Montagnino said he’s supporting Safford.

Montagnino said Safford represents the best Saratoga Springs can offer.